South-African Adventures!

Here is a series photographs documenting my journey through Capetown South Africa.  I studied the baboons there! In South Africa baboons are considered pests, because they raid villages for food. Controlling the baboon population is a huge issue in Capetown that I do not see getting resolved anytime soon.  Baboon regulation is a complicated issue since they (the baboons) are essential to Cape Town’s economy. Baboons are a major  tourist attraction.  While not in class or observing baboons out in the field I was able to explore the beautiful culture and scenery of Cape Town.  I went shark-cage diving, ostrich riding, camel-riding, hiked up Table Mountain, visited the Safaris, volunteered at the local community center, talked to locals in the Shanty-towns, and did much more.  I am grateful for this wonderful experience.

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Demelio U.

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