The Impact of War On Women & Why You Should You Care?

The Rape of the Sabine WomenPietra da Cortona (1627-1629)

The Rape of the Sabine Women
Pietra da Cortona (1627-1629)

The painting above by Pietra da Cortoan depicts one of the effects of war on women, the rape of the women by enemy soldiers. The effects of war are vast.   We often hear about what happens to the male soldiers after and during a war, but we never hear about happens to the women of these soldiers.  The effects of war on women are vast.  Mary-Wynee Ashford in her article entitled The Impact of War On Women list the following as effects of war on women (I also added a couple of my own):

  1. Single and unaccompanied women
  2. Widows
  3. Victims of sanctions
  4. Civilians living in a zone of conflict
  5. Captives
  6. Refugees and internally displaced persons
  7. Partners and families of returned combatants
  8. Immediate and late landline victimes
  9. Survivors in postconflict zones
  10. PTSD and other psychological problems
  11. Increased incidence of rape
  12. Increased spread of STDs

You should care would you want something like this happening to your mother or to sister or daughter. No!  As Alex mentioned in the video there are steps that can be taken to less the crimes against women during war. If you want to hear more about them  go watch the video.

Fellow bloggers Raquel,  Alex, and I strongly assert for awareness on the topic, the impact of war on women. Thanks for watching! If you like what you read you can follow me on  Twitter at DemelioU or  you can subscribe  to my RSS feed the little orange button in the left hand menu.

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Demelio U.
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One response to “The Impact of War On Women & Why You Should You Care?

  1. My dear Demelio U.
    I wonder how you ended up on my blog. I write about women’s rights, leaving sex part out. I do not advocate for or against something, as you do. However, I have great regard for those who do.
    I wish you my best.
    …and I am Sid

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