African-American Women in the Media: Confronting the Stereotypes

Overcoming the Negative Stereotypes

African-American women are commonly depicted in the media in a variety of ways that tend to promote negative stereotypes about African-American women. Some negative stereotypes discussed in this video are the portrayal of African-American women as the 1) fat-comedian, 2) overly sexualized,  3) ignorant welfare dependee and 4) the sassy black woman. Other stereotypes not mentioned in this video, but commonly appear in the media are the angry black woman and singing black woman. We hope after watching this video you the reader realize how poorly African-Americans are portrayed in the media.  It is important to me especially as person of color to promote awareness.  Furthermore, no matter what your race or creed we can all work together to stop the proliferation of  the  negative stereotypes surrounding African-American women.

Warning: the content of this video is very graphic.  This video is not meant for the faint hearted, in fact it was intentionally made to be graphic to evoke  discomfort and outrage in the viewer. Admitedly, going through the footage I find myself  a bit disturbed, especially for my section the rap video section. We apologize in advance for the discomfort , but we we really needed to shed light on the issue.

Thanks for watching. If you like what you read you can follow me on  Twitter at DemelioU or  you can subscribe  to my RSS feed the little orange button in the left hand menu. Tell me what  you think about negative stereotypes surrounding African-American women in the media? Do you think the negative stereotypes mentioned in this video are accurate?

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Here is an article with content to the video Black Women Versus White Women:  How Does Race Impact the Way Female Sexuality is Presented in Music Videos?

Demelio U.

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2 responses to “African-American Women in the Media: Confronting the Stereotypes

  1. OH MY GOD, not to poke fun or anything, but the juxtaposition of Demelio sitting there with the shots in those awful videos is really funny. ^_^

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